Monday, May 14, 2012

Flash Back

Here a look at some of the cakes I did a while back.

 My first Wedding cake! I loved making this cake!! Those flowers were my favorite part!

 Little Man Cupcakes. I made the toppers myself. And I loved having the cute Cupcake Papers match the party - So fun!

 10 Layer cake. No real need to say more is there?! This was made for fun one day with a friend of mine. Thanks Kristy!!

 Raspberry Limeade cake with Limeade Frosting. AMAZING! I made a cake too once, but I can't find the pictures of it. One more of Kristy's and my Baking Days.

 A LOST birthday cake I made for a friend. It was so perfect that her age was one of the LOST numbers...Perfect!

The world's best Macaroons...Seriously. We love these things! These will be at the Launch Party, so be sure to grab one!!

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Ben and Dena said...

So wishing I could come!!! You are amazing!!