Monday, June 4, 2012

Dump Truck

When I first moved here I worked with a guy who became a really good friend of mine. I didn't have any family here, but he made sure I didn't feel alone as much as possible. 6 weeks after I married my best friend, he married his. I loved these two people so much, and then they had a son. I can't even tell you how cute this little guy is!! He just turned 2, and is into trucks, planes, and Barney, so I went with a dump truck for his Birthday cake. 

It is a Raspberry Limeade Cake with Limeade Frosting. covered in Homemade Fondant.  

Those are Mini MMs in the bed. They added so much to the look of the cake.

Happy Birthday L!!!! Love you!!!


Ben and Dena said...

So So cute!!!

TJ said...

Greatest Cake ever!

Thanks Sarah, you are amazing